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Apr 16, 2013
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Behavior Management: A day of Diana


@thesnarkyschoolteacher,  I honestly wasn’t totally impressed by Diana Day and didn’t find the curriculum to be revolutionary or transformational enough to recommend.

What Diana Day does do well is re-define concepts and techniques that most teachers use into a formal process and gives them different labels copyright’ed and part of her booking fees.

I have mixed feelings about making so much off royalties on behavioral management terms, but perhaps the education consulting has gone in that direction for awhile. 

Her techniques are the usual: reminders, refocusing, etc. Nothing that knocked my socks off.

I  found Teach Like A Champion (the best) and Teaching As Leadership (Teach For America affiliated) to be more useful with management and classroom culture.  I’ve heard Teaching with Love and Logic  and The First Days of School are great, too — haven’t gotten a chance to look though.

I teach two inclusion (special ed+general ed) classes, and deal with a really difficult bunch, so I totally understand wanting some innovative answers.

I’ve found my modified classroom STARS scale to be more helpful.

Post on STARS specifics to follow, tomorrow. 

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