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Oct 15, 2012
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October 15, 2012: Letters, investment, etc.

Today was my first day in school back after being sick for a week with a 102 temperature.  

When I went into my classroom to set up, I found this note on my board,

I thought the note was extremely sweet and a couple students left some letters on my desk and in my inbox.

It always feels good to be needed, but even better to be wanted. 

I love letter writing, so I’m going to reflect on what was my Sunday afternoon:


As you can see, I finally finished writing 106 letters to my students.

I wrote the letters based on a few of their homework assignments and the dreams, hopes, goals they’ve shared with me — getting to know each student can work wonders in terms of behavior management. And with better behavior, it’s easier to teach and easier for the students to learn. 

It’s gratifying, how invested my students were and how their face lit up when they realized they each had a special note written from me to welcome them to the 2nd quarter.

I hope that my classes can run with this momentum, as today proved to be an exceptional lesson plan where critical thinking and reasoning were heightened — we worked on understanding gender inequality and oppression today, a lot of intense reading and great discussions.

More later. 

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